Evang. Gospel Agochukwu, of SHEKINAH ARENA GOSPEL MINISTRIES, has this to say about the Nigeria reality show, BBNAIJA.

“I am not against the entertainment industry making money but am against what Big Brother Naija is promoting in our society.

Big brother Naija is promoting immoraity in our society so any body watching Big Brother Naija is doing more harm to his or her Spiritual life.

There’s nothing Big Brother Naija is teaching us, instead they’re teaching the upcoming once how to enjoy Sin and Uncleanliness. The other day I was scrolling down my phone and I saw one Young lady in Big Brother house masturbating

Is this what Big Brother Naija Stands For?

Our Children are getting more corrupted day after that by the program showing on sex, Sorry to say this every year Big Brother Naija is getting worst.

Don’t be surprised that next year all the house mates will enter the house Naked

Big Brother has promoted Evil, Sexual Sin in our Society. I blocked that program in my house Because it’s not of God.

If you’re watching big brother Naija, Get ready for the Spirit of lust, the Spirit of lies, the Spirit of masturbation, Sexual Sin. You don’t need to enter any porn site again, Big Brother house is now a Porn program that’s broadcasted.

Watching Big Brother Naija will corrupt your Soul, Abstain from it.”

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