“Hallelujah is not a heavenly language, don’t be an illiterate” – Nigerian pastor. (Video)

The cleric, who is the lead pastor and founder of Abel Damina Ministry and Power City International in Akwa Ibom, stated that Hallelujah is not a heavenly language because the Bible was originally written in human language like Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

Pastor Abel stated this while preaching on the topic “WHO IS GOD”. According to him, speaking in tongues is the real heavenly language, not “Hallelujah”.

“In the days of Moses, people worship many things call God. That’s why when you read the Bible, you will come across ‘Lord God’. The word could mean a judge. Remember that the Bible was written within human culture.

The Bible is not an abstract book that fell from the sky. It was written based on what happened in time in the interaction between God and man, men and men, circumstances, events etc. This is because it was written in human language.

“Since the Bible was written in human language, like the way people sing in church, “Hallelujah is our heavenly language’, stop that. Don’t let illiteracy undress you in public. How can Hallelujah be heavenly language, what makes it heavenly in the first place? It is human language.

If you want the heavenly language, speak in tongues. Therefore, speaking in tongue is heavenly language”.

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