BREAKING NEWS: Man survive brain tumor operation three times, after encounter with Aba based pastor.

AMAZING #TESTIMONY my name is temple colivern ikechukwu from ehime mbanno, i was diagnosed with brain tumor which has eating deep into my brain and i was told that in surgery that my life is 50 50 chances, and if I’m to live by the tumor i will still die,


so i was directed through the testimonies on Raw Power radio prayers every Sunday to Raw Power city church for my own miracle, today i,m here to testify that my brain was opened on 3 major occasions, the first surgery which the doctors confirmed that at a point the didn’t know what to do again because i have ran out of blood, the doctors thought i wont make it but what saved me was before i lost consciousness i was playing the man of God fire tongues and fire prophetic prayers that he sent to me on WhatsApp i could fill the theater saturated with glory. I was rebooked again for the second surgery and on this second attempt there was this borne that they need to remove before the get to the main tumour but it was deep and they could not get to it this second time because i have bleed too much and was almost gone so they covered my brain again for second time and rebooked me for the third time, so my people called the man of God who was consistently on prayers on my behalf and God said he has excavated the tumor by the brethren when i went for the third surgery and my brain was opened, God performed wonders, the borne that was very deep has now showed up on the surface of the brain and was so simple for doctors to remove, even the team of doctors on my case could not believe what they saw and this third surgery that was predicted to last for more than 6 hours didn’t last more than one hour, i,m here to return all glory to God who took away death and gave me his life. Join me and praise God i,m indeed his temple. I,m stil a living wonders to the doctors and the whole hospital..connect to Real 99.1 FM Aba every Sunday by 6pm to 6:30 for Raw Power radio live prophetic prayers you will join me to testify..

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